We all know, hair extensions are not cheap…and if they are, there is probably a reason for that, such as poor quality! For many girls who decide they will treat themselves with a new set of hair extensions, want them to last! In that case, it is so important to care for the hair extensions correctly.

A little extra daily care and slight modification on how you do things can go a long way. To many peoples surprise, there is not much that needs to be added to your regular routine. The main thing to focus on is HOW you do these daily rituals now that you have hair extensions attached. I must also stress, keeping on top of your maintenance cycles is the key to avoid any damage to your hair and your hair extensions.

Depending on the type of extensions you have and your own hair type, care plans can vary slightly. However, for those of you who are considering hair extensions and are curious what is involved in aftercare, I would like to provide some general hair extension care tips for you here:

Top Tips:

  1. Keep regular maintenance appointments every 4-6 weeks maximum
  2. Do not use cheap shampoo or conditioner – they are full of nasty preservatives, sulphates and other chemicals that will instantly dry out your hair. We recommend our DOLCE range as it has been specifically designed for all extensions – including wigs. ONLY ask a Dolce rep on what hair care you should use. We do take repsonsilibty if you use your own products 
  3. Use a moisturising treatment (that can be purchused at Dolce) once a week, the hair needs to be nurtured and moisturised as it does NOT receive the same nutrients as your own hair does.
  4. Always use a heat protectant (Sold at Dolce) each time you use styling tools.
  5. Ensure you dry your extensions after washing, if you don’t and allow them to air dry they will matte and on occasion can cause damage to our own hair.
  6. Braid your extensions prior to sleeping and apply a small amount of natural oil – overnight your extensions will soak up the oils and your hair will feel silky soft and revived in the morning.
  7. Never sleep with wet hair!
  8. Always purchase your hair care products from Dolce on the day of your hair extensions installation.
  9. Dolce Extensions offers colouring services, we do not take responsibility for other salons work.
  10. With  extensions never  put the hair straightener on the bonds, nor should you put any oil near the bond glue area.
  11. colouring your hair extensions should be done at the dolce studio this will ensure your hair to be coloured correctly as well as keeping your hair soft 


If you follow my guide to looking after your extensions you are guaranteed to love your extensions a lot longer and wake up feeling glamorous.

If you have any specific questions or tips for looking after your hair extensions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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