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20" Inch, 100 grams $400
22" Inch, 100 grams $430
24" Inch, 100 grams $450
26" Inch, 100 grams $450

Thick double drawn weaves are measured to fit the sections leaving approximately one inch of natural hair around hairlines in order for hair to be worn up without seeing attachment. Micro beads are used to attach the weft. The weight of the weft is evenly distributed placing less stress to the natural hair.

Weft extensions are also great for adding both additional length and volume and they are suitable for nearly all types of hair that are around shoulder length and longer. Another great thing about using wefts is that they are very quick to install and remove, a full head of hair extensions can take around an hour.


Virgin South American Weaves

22" Inch, 100 grams $550

Our Virgin South American hair are installed the same way as our weaves however, this beautiful hair can last over a year and be dyed – even too blonde!

The hair can come in all different textures, straight, wavy, curly – you name it we can get it for you. As the hair is virgin the natural colour is brown however, as mentioned before it can be dyed and it will still keep its luxurious feel.


22" Inch, 100 strands $499 

Applied in individual strands, the micro bead extensions are attached with a small plastic coated copper cylinder, which is simply clamped to attach. Using discreet, small non-slip cylinders they are very discreet. With this method you can come back in every 2 months for maintenance which involves pushing up the hair extensions to ensure they are kept neat and putting no stress/damage on your natural hair.


Tape Extensions

20" Inch, 40 pieces (20 back to back pieces) $400
26" Inch, 49 pieces (20 back to back pieces) $499

Tape in Extension allow you to have a full head of extensions fitted in less than 1 hour. They are super comfortable to wear and can be reused more than once. Usually they are adjusted every 6 weeks, by removing them and refitting them with new refit tape. The Tape lasts very well but removes easily and cleaning with a non toxic tape removal solution


Halos $375

Halo Hair Extensions are an innovative alternative to bonding, gluing, taping, clipping or weaving. The halo hair extensions are literally undetectable and so easy to apply... in under a minute!

This secret extension on an invisible wire is worn by it being placed on top of your head just like a halo, with your own hair pulled through and over the invisible wire. Easy and very simple to use, halo hair extensions are commitment free and they look completely natural and glamorous. The hair you can treat just as your own, blow dry, curl and straighten.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair Wigs from $1200-$1800

Our Human Hair Wigs are made from real hair and are fully lined with lace, they come in all styles and colours and can be treated just like your own hair. Upon consultation we will install the wig for you ensuring you feel confident.



Clip-On Extensions

20 inch 100 grams. Custom Made Clip-On Extensions $375 

Our clip ins are custom made with the highest quality 100% remy human hair available, they’re silky smooth and have a long life span! With lengths starting from 20 inches to 26, we can create any desired look.

Clip in hair extensions are the most popular method on the market. They’re extremely easy to install, which can be done at home in a matter of minutes! They are even easier to remove and maintain.

26 inch 100 grams $450 (coloured, cut and Installed)


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